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1. Is that Chef Declan from Hell’s Kitchen?

You bet it is! Chef Declan is a Michelin-starred, award-winning chef and Hell’s Kitchen finalist ... he’s right at home as Ranch Boss!

2. Do I need a reservation?

No. However, reservations are recommended for Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday brunch.

3. Is parking convenient and available?

There is free 3-hour retail parking in the garage located at the back of the building. We also offer valet parking.

4. Were Jack and Josephine really, really real?

Yes!  And they lived to entertain. We like to think if they were around today, THIS is exactly what they would be doing.

5. Do I have to dress up?

We’re not sure anyone “dresses up” these days, even in DC, but no! Come as you are: relax, eat, talk, drink. Repeat!

6. Do you have Gluten Free options?

Of course! And, as everyone knows by now, gluten free doesn’t mean “taste free” or “fun free” – it means the freedom to consume a delicious meal served just the way you want it. Check out which dishes are GF, and feel free to call ahead for ANY special requests!

7. What’s on tap?

Twelve local brews! You can also enjoy craft cocktails, our stellar collection of Italian and, uhm, not-so-Italian wines curated by our Sommelier. The stage is set for sips to savor and an experience to remember.